Interview with the Director of PRM’s Admissions Office, Larry Bartlett

"Nationwide, discussion happens regularly about what it will mean for a community when new groups are resettled," said Larry Bartlett, director of the refugee admissions office of the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. “It’s always the case, frankly, that these conversations are occurring,” he said. “Some people are concerned about the risk (refugees) might pose.”

...oh my!

New interfaces, New reports, New functionalities....oh my! 2015 continues to be a busy year with lots of new things already released in WRAPS and even more coming.



We are happy to announce that WRAPS Release 4.1 has been successfully deployed!

Exciting Things Happening

There are exciting things happening in WRAPS in the coming year. We have four releases already in the works for 2015 with a lot of enhancements that will make a positive impact on refugee processing.

 Welcome Hilary Ingraham

Welcome Hilary Ingraham

We are pleased to have Hilary Ingraham as the new Director of the Refugee Processing Center (RPC).  She brings with her a commitment to seamless refugee processing and a spirit of collaboration and innovation. Hilary has over 15 years of experience working on refugee and migration issues and is dedicated to our mission.

W2R3 Go Live!

It's true! WRAPS 2 (W2R3) is going live January 31th, 2014. During the pilot testing, some fixes were found and we split the fixes up into 2 hotfix releases. The first hotfix has already been deployed and the second hotfix is scheduled to be deployed on January 24th. RSC Africa is continuing the pilot testing to test the items included in the hotfixes. And since the pilot has been going well, WRAPS 2 will be available to all the RSCs on January 31st.

Updated Roadmap

Interested in what is happening in WRAPS after W2R3?  Check out the updated Roadmap here. It includes, at a high level, what was in past releases and what is planned for future releases for both WRAPS 1 and WRAPS 2. Take a peek and please contact us if you have any questions.